The Incredible Holt!

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I have recently been in touch with Matt from the Holtamania website.  Holtamania is his fan based website of Norwich City Football Club, with a particular focus on the captain/striker Grant Holt.  It is very well followed and therefore respected within the fan community, so I felt very privileged when he asked if Iwould like to make a regular contribution to his website, as he also likes my Canary Fan cartoon series.
‘The Incredible Holt’ illustration is my first image for Holtamania, and went live on the website yesterday.  I am very excited with all the positive comments it has received so far.  A few games ago, Holt celebrated scoring a goal by taking his shirt off to show off his physique to the opposing crowd who had been teasing him on line about his weight!  So the comic book geek in me decided to fuse this moment with ‘The Incredible Hulk’ which worked really well for both the pose Holt took and the colour scheme of NCFC! 

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