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CARTOON PREVIEW: Norwich City Vs Sheffield Wednesday

Norwich City Vs Sheffield Wednesday Cartoon Preview Today Canary Fan meets Owl Fan as Norwich City play Sheffield Wednesday hoping to make some progress towards that 6th play off place in the Championship. This is a little sneaky preview of my match day football cartoon as I am colouring it in.  The full cartoon will be published at 8am gmt…… Read more »

Canary Fan Cartoon Preview (Norwich Vs Ipswich)

Norwich Vs Ipswich Cartoon Preview Here is a little preview of todays match day Canary Fan cartoon for Norwich Vs Ipswich. Canary Fan is opening the door for Tractor Boy…  But what do you reckon the dialogue is going to be?  Come back at 8AM GMT for the full cartoon! — Or if you would like to receive the Canary Fan… Read more »

Canary Fan Coloured Preview for Norwich Vs Cardiff

Canary Fan Coloured Cartoon Preview (Norwich Vs Cardiff) Today I present to you a section of tomorrows cartoon with the famous yellow canary colouring!  What cute little canaries eh? Any further ideas to what is going on? Well, just come back tomorrow and find out, or sign up here to receive each match day cartoon direct in your inbox.

Canary Fan Cartoon Sketch for Norwich City Vs Cardiff

Canary Fan Cartoon Sketch for Norwich Vs Cardiff So here goes my sketching session preparing for the cartoon for this weeks game of Norwich City Vs Cardiff.  After a couple of wins Canary Fan is a little bit scared as it is out of his comfort zone haha!  Are you scared? What will this weeks cartoon be?  Come back tomorrow… Read more »

Need a Canary Fan match day cartoon (Norwich Vs Rotherham)

Right – Need a Cartoon! After my Christmas break I am now getting back into drawing again, and that means illustrating my match day Canary Fan cartoons.  Here is a little photo from my sketchbook as I doodle away many different scenarios to test what will work best.  But looks like Canary Fan is unsure of how to be in… Read more »

Canary Fan Sketchbook for next five cartoons

Getting the next five Canary Fan Cartoons Ready… As I will be busy over Christmas and New Year with my sister visiting I am getting the next five Canary Fan cartoons created in advance.  Normally I do them each week prior to each game, so the may not be too specific but fairly general topics over the next few weeks,… Read more »

Canary Fan Season 6 Cartoon #21 Preview (Norwich Vs Aston Villa)

“Ooh there it goes” Here’s a little preview for tomorrows match day cartoon for when Norwich City FC (Canaries) take on Aston Villa.  Any idea what Canary Fan is talking about?  Find out the punchline tomorrow… — If you would like to receive the Canary Fan cartoons direct to your inbox on match days please subscribe here…

Second Cartoon Preview for Norwich Vs Brentford

Another Cartoon Preview for Norwich Vs Brentford Further to yesterdays pencil drawing of this weeks match day cartoon for Norwich Vs Brentford, here is a section of the finished image.  Find out in tomorrow’s match day cartoon what is happening… — If you would like to receive the cartoons direct in your inbox please subscribe here…