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Canary Fans Merchandise for T-shirt, clothing, gifts, mugs, stickers, homeware and apparel (Norwich City FC inspired)

!! Canary Fans Merchandise !! And here it is – Canary Fans merchandise!  This illustration features the three characters of this season that wear each of the three Norwich City Fc kits.  The design is available on a range of clothes (including t-shirts and hoodies), homewares (mugs, bags and pillows), and stationery (stickers). As always, let me know what you think. … Read more »

New Canary Fan Merchandise Design (Norwich City FC inspired)

New Canary Fan Merchandise Design Here is the first merchandise design of 2017 for Canary Fan.  I really liked the three Canary Fans all cheering away together from my New Years cartoon that I decided to cut them out of the cartoon and prepare them for merchandise… Come back tomorrow to see the merchandise with the designs on… — If… Read more »

Canary Fan Merchandise Sale!!!

  To celebrate our brilliant promotion into the Premier League I have decided to remove all the markup on my current merchandise at my Canary Fan CafePress store until the start of the new season!!  So if you fancy some Canary Fan, NCFC Brisbane or just a more unique way to show you support NCFC, please save yourself a $ or pound… Read more »