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Brisbane Canaries featured in the Pink In!

      No Comments on Brisbane Canaries featured in the Pink In!     Brisbane Canaries Featured in the Pink ‘Un We were delighted before the Ipswich match a couple of weeks ago to have our Brisbane Canaries group featured in the Pink ‘Un as we were getting hyped up to watching the game together. So in case you missed the article please have a read of it by clicking this… Read more »

Brisbane Canaries First Meet of 2016/17 Season

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First Meet Up of the Brisbane Canaries Tonight I am really looking forward to catching up with the rest of the Brisbane Canaries tonight as we watch our first game together at the Pig and Whistle pub at Riverside. If you are a fellow Brisbane Canary please come and join our Facebook Group for the whole of Canaries Downunder.

Brisbane Canaries Logo

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I have updated the Brisbane Canaries logo for the upcoming new season.  I took the old retro Norwich City canary on a branch logo,  combined it with a hugging koala as the previous Brisbane Canaries logo also featured koalas, and exchanged the leaves for gum leaves! I then finished it off with half and half colours to compliment the new… Read more »

Canary Fan Merchandise Sale!!!

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  To celebrate our brilliant promotion into the Premier League I have decided to remove all the markup on my current merchandise at my Canary Fan CafePress store until the start of the new season!!  So if you fancy some Canary Fan, NCFC Brisbane or just a more unique way to show you support NCFC, please save yourself a $ or pound… Read more »