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Brisbane Canaries featured in the Pink In!     Brisbane Canaries Featured in the Pink ‘Un We were delighted before the Ipswich match a couple of weeks ago to have our Brisbane Canaries group featured in the Pink ‘Un as we were getting hyped up to watching the game together. So in case you missed the article please have a read of it by clicking this… Read more »

Brisbane Canaries First Meet of 2016/17 Season

First Meet Up of the Brisbane Canaries Tonight I am really looking forward to catching up with the rest of the Brisbane Canaries tonight as we watch our first game together at the Pig and Whistle pub at Riverside. If you are a fellow Brisbane Canary please come and join our Facebook Group for the whole of Canaries Downunder.

STOP THE PRESS – New Canary Striker Found

New Canary Striker As I was in my local produce store the other day I couldn’t believe it but I found Norwich City FC (the Canaries) new striker.  There was no worry about cost, fitness, availability or competition from other clubs. If I had the set up and facilities I could have made my canary purchase or 5 and be… Read more »